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As a web developer I spend around 12 hours most days online and am always on the look out for interesting and informative articles, news, and well anything really that relates to websites the www and design, and I would love to share.

Just like in good design I believe that simplicity and clarity are the key’s to a great article.

So you’ll only ever find links to concise to the point interesting stuff in this post no confusing waffle! I shall update when ever I have the time promise.

From the Business insider. This is good advice from a man who knows.

Three Ways Businesses Can Ditch The Search Snake-Oil Salesmen And Improve Their SEO

From not strictly web but interesting, I can definitely relate!

You are Your Business

The Essence Of WordPress

And so what is WordPress?

Basically WordPress is software that runs behind your website delivering web pages and other elements to the browsers of visitors to your website. The WordPress package consists of the WordPress software with add on Themes and plugins.

Think of the WordPress software as The engine of the WordPress car.


Themes or WordPress Car Bodies . . .

Many themes, lets call them Car Bodies can use the WordPress engine, these Car Bodies are many and varied, with different colors shapes, sizes etc etc. In fact there are thousands of Car Bodies to choose from and they all use the same WordPress software engine.


Plugins or optional accessories for your WordPress car.

So whats a WordPress Plugin? Think of plugins as optional accessories added to your WordPress Car, like electric windows, air conditioning, gps navigation, reversing cameras etc.etc. they are the addons that sit on top of the WordPress engine and help the car to do it's stuff and there are thousands of different plugins available.


Whats in the boot?

Right back underneath it all is a data base where the WordPress engine stores information a bit like the boot of a car where you put stuff away that you may need later on.

We provide WordPress Solutions for our clients on the Gold Coast and are also happy to work interstate and overseas usually via skype. Our Services

If you have any questions please feel free to ask

Gold Coast Websites – Themes a Love Hate Relationship

Gold Coast WordPress


Shock Horror Themes their using Themes!

There is nothing wrong with using themes as long as the web design company using them is honest and upfront about it!

They are a cost effective way of getting your website up and running quickly and can save you thousands of dollars in comparison to having a bespoke website designed.

So what is a Theme?

A theme is basically just a layout.

In the case of WordPress a theme is a layout with added functionality.

As your content is added to a theme you make the theme uniquely yours.

WordPress themes have a certain amount of customising ability built in through the administration dashboard that comes with WordPress.

For advanced customisation a good webdesign company will be capable of customising the theme code directly.

However if the themes code needs to be heavily customised then it defeats the purpose of using a theme in the first place as you may as well go with a bespoke designed website.

A theme also speeds up the initial design process as a client can select from the many thousands of themes available, so avoiding the much longer time taken to create a bespoke web design.

So there is really nothing wrong with themes they are suitable for many small to medium sized websites and are made unique by the inclusion of your individual content and style.

The use of a theme will definitely save you time and money.

Unscrupulous theme users

Be a little cautious when selecting a web design company as some unscrupulous operators try to hide or obscure the fact that they use themes, some “Website Design Companies” even have a WordPress theme as their main website and pass of 3rd party designed themes as their own work.

Some of these companies will charge you as much as you would be paying for a bespoke designed website when you are really getting a theme.

If you suspect that a company is really a “WordPress set up company” and not a bona fide Web Design company then you can test their website and those in their portfolio by placing /wp-login or /wp-admin in front of their web address in your browser and hitting enter.

If they are using WordPress then you will be taken to a WordPress login screen.

Where to get a look at these themes

For today’s many and varied devices it is essential when choosing a theme to ensure it is a responsive designed theme.

Template Monster have many awesome themes

As do Themeforest

If choosing a theme for a project with Liquid Edge the cost of the theme is included in our price.
Just let us know which theme you would like.


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